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Colin Hanlon fan community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Colin Hanlon fan community

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[22 Apr 2007|02:26am]

I know these Colin communities have not been active lately….but all Colin fans should go and see Colin at the George Street Playhouse production of “Falsettos.” Colin is great and it is an awesome production.

GO! www.gsponline.com
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reading. [04 Jul 2006|11:56pm]


Colin's doing a reading in CT. Maybe fans over there will be able to check it out? :)
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[08 May 2006|08:29pm]

hey, if you haven't seen it already - Colin appears in a new commerce bank commercial featuring regis and kelly - its really exciting, even though he has only like 2 lines, lol - just thought i'd tell you guys
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[21 Jan 2006|12:21pm]

Who here is planning on seeing I Love You Because, or has already seen it? I'd really love to hear a review!

And some more random linkage and pictures...
(Just from the backdrop of the first pic in this batch -- how adorable and quirky does this set look?!)

Cute little interview clip w/ Colin.

It's times like these that I hate living in CA. I would absolutely LOVE to see this show. Does anyone know what are the chances of the cast releasing a recording? (I'm guessing it's unlikely - but I'd kill for a cast recording) From what I've heard from the demo, the music is fantastic.
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extras [19 Jan 2006|01:12pm]

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there is a cute interview with Colin here about I Love You Because, it's really adorable, everyone should check it out...

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i just thought everyone should see these, cause they are TOO cute! [12 Jan 2006|02:05pm]

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[08 Jan 2006|03:11pm]

Hmm...yeah...I just realized that I'm responsible for starting the last 3 posts in this community. Anyway, really quick question that hopefully someone can help me out with. Colin participated in a reading of the show "Zanna, Don't!" (along with Caesar Samayoa & Matt Morrison) a while ago...Feb. of 2002 I believe. Anyway, I would love you forever if anyone can tell me what character he played? I can't seem to find this info anywhere, and it's starting to frustrate me. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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[04 Jan 2006|08:10pm]

Article on "I Love You Because" complete with...


Fabulous, fabulous pictures.

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[18 Dec 2005|08:02pm]

there's a colin lj community!

hi, i'm new. saw colin last month as mark in RENT. he was fabulous!

anyway, i just wanted to ask if anyone had any audio clips of him singing anything? i know in some places, mention of bootlegs are often frowned upon and whatnot, but there really doesn't seem to be ANY recordings with colin on them that exist for me to purchase, and ever since i saw him in rent i've been dying to give mr. colin another listening to. so with that said, anyone??? anything??? please?
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[05 Dec 2005|12:20am]

hi everyone! new Colin fan here...

anyone else going to see his last show in RENT? I can't wait for I LOVE YOU BECAUSE, but I'm gonna be sad to see him leave Rent...I saw his Mark and...well, basically it was love at first sight. Haha.
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Colin is Movin On...here are several articles about it... [18 Nov 2005|09:20am]

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it's great that Colin finally gets to be a leading man...he deserves it...

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[03 Jul 2005|12:27am]

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Hey, I'm new here! I've been into muscials my whole life, but I've really gotten obbsessed over the last three years. I have seen RENT 5 times as of right now, but I'm planning to go again over the summer. I've also seen The Producers, Wicked (twice), La Cage (right before it closed), Beauty and the Beast, Sound of Music (a long time ago), Aida, 42nd Street, Mama Mia, and in London the new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Woman in White. I suggest you go see ALL of them. Plus, Tick, Tick...Boom and the Last Five Years (both with Colin) at the Georgestreet Playhouse.

I didn't know there were so many other Colin fans. I'm lucky, I got to see him in RENT twice, Tick, Tick...Boom, and The Last Five Years. I must say, that I am now a huge fan! He and Sarah are amazing singers and they have great chemistry. After one of the shows I got to see them, but they looked busy and I didn't want to bother them. It was tons of fun though!

Oh, and if anyone knows where one may be able to grab pictures of him in The Last Five Years, I will be eternally greafull.


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A couple of new things... [26 Apr 2005|08:28am]

Here are some articles about Colin in The Last 5 Years. The first one is particularly good (in my humble opinion), but give them both a read:


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New picture... [05 Apr 2005|10:34am]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Maybe it'll grow on me?

By the way, is anybody going to see TL5Y on May 12? My friend and I just got tickets and I'm wondering if anyone else is going to be there that night.
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Colin in TL5Y [20 Mar 2005|11:01pm]

If you're in the area, Colin Hanlon will be playing Jamie in The Last 5 Years at NJ's George Street Playhouse. (This is the same playhouse he performed at in tick, tick ... BOOM! last year...) Tickets are onsale online and over the phone, and the playhouse isn't huge, so if you want to go you should buy yours quickly! He'll be playing opposite Sarah Litzsinger (Susan from GSP's ttB). I'm really excited for it!

The show is running from April 19th til May 15th (including previews.) Previws have a talk back after them - ttB's talkback was really interesting...

Ticket info : [url]http://www.georgestreetplayhouse.org[/url]


(Xposted to another Colin community, and maybe a few other communities)
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newbie =) [28 Feb 2005|05:12pm]

Hi all, I'm Jessica and I just joined the community. I'm a huge fan of Musical Theater and even more so of "Rent" I have always enjoyed Colin on stage but just yesterday I saw his "Mark" and I fell head over heels in love with him. I just think he is amazing and I had to do a search on him. I am so happy to have found others who appreciate him as much as I do! I would have been disappointed if I didn't. lol.
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[30 Jan 2005|07:53pm]

Hey guys! Newbie here... *waves* does anyone know where I can get a bootleg with Colin?
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[22 Jan 2005|11:39pm]

Hey guys. Colin will be doing a free reading of a new musical, entitled Another Saturday Night In New York, with Stephanie D'Abruzzo, on January 25.

Article here: http://www.playbill.com/news/article/90676.html

Needless to say, on the 25th I'll be sitting my apartment in Connecticut cursing all my classes, but hopefully some of you will get a chance to check it out.
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[09 Jan 2005|09:29pm]

Hey guys! Thought I'd drop in to liven the place up a little bit. I was in NYC yesterday & caught the matinee for RENT (lotto seats, too! w00t!), & Colin was on as Roger! I wasn't all that surprised because apparently Jeremy's been sick all week, but I was really excited about it. I thought I'd share my thoughts on his performance:

"Colin Hanlon: I've heard so much hype over his Roger, & considering how much I love his Mark, I was sincerely hoping I wasn't getting set up for disappointment. I wasn't. He was just...absolutely brilliant. He played the character as someone who has a good heart, but he can be downright vicious if you push him the wrong way. He was very touchy, tended to lose his temper a lot (moreso, I think, than Jeremy & Sebastian had when I saw them). A lot of eye-rolling, some good-natured, some not.

The thing I appreciate most about Colin's Roger was that he portrayed the character in a way that I hadn't considered before. He was just mean, & really fucking scary sometimes, too. And he did it without overplaying the anger, which is a pretty delicate balance to walk. And the other thing I appreciate is how effortless his whole performance seemed. He has this ability to open up & become completely vulnerable, & he's so good with the emotional stuff, which is where a lot of actors have trouble. He's got his character down, & he doesn't hesitate to go where he needs to in order to portray him. I found myself thinking, you son of bitch, so many times throughout the show. I responded to him more strongly than anyone else I've seen. He makes bold choices & then he follows through with them. Always in character & always in the moment. I have nothing but respect for this man as an actor, & he has blown me away every time I've seen him, no matter the character. Especially tonight."

There's a full review of the show in my journal if any of you are interested in reading that, too (http://www.livejournal.com/users/crimsonnight17/274591.html#cutid1). Be forewarned, it's long & really gushy, even for me. The show yesterday was the best I've seen it since the first time I saw it (granted, that was only a year ago & some change, but shush), & I had a hard time remembering the not-good things about it. So it's rather one-sided. But there, I've said my piece. Have a good night, everyone!
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[02 Jan 2005|09:31pm]

Hey Everyone! I just joined the community and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Brittany and I live in the lovely Sunshine State (aka-Florida). I fell in love with Colin when I recently saw him play Roger in RENT. He is such an amazing performer and is incredibly hot! Seeing as The Last Five Years is one of my favorite musicals, I was so excited to hear that he was going to be in it during April/May. I can't wait to see him perform again! ♥
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